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Lime has a long track record in transceiver chip design. Our field-programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers offer unprecedented levels of programmability, and support most frequency bands and international variants of including international variants of 2G, 3G (CDMA, HSPA), 4G (LTE); IoT (LoRa); as well as ZigBee and Bluetooth, among many others.

Lime released the world’s first multiband LTE transceiver in 2011. This was followed in 2014 by our next-generation chip, the LMS7002, which significantly lowered power consumption. More recently the LMS8001+, which will enter production later this year, offers unmatched flexibility operating from 100khz to 12 GHz. It is this combination of power consumption and consistency of performance across an exceptionally wide bandwidth that makes Lime’s range of transceivers stand out.

Radio Spectrum300MHz – 3.8GHz100kHz – 3.8GHz100kHz – 12GHz
RF Bandwidth28 MHz120 MHz (through analog ports)
60 MHz (through digital interface)
120 MHz
DuplexFullFull and halfFull and half
Sample Rate (ADC/DAC)40 Msps160/640 Msps160/640 Msps
Digital Gates50K1M1M
Integrated MCUnoyesno
Power consumption (W)1.511.5
AvailabilityJan 2011October 2014To be announced
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