Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a virtualised radio with operating parameters configured in software running commodity hardware. Until now this programmability has been the missing piece in the virtualised communications network, extending software control from the core to the Radio Access Network (RAN). This requires a new type of silicon, the field programmable RF (FPRF) device to cater for any deployment with optimum cost and flexibility.   Lime Micro is the leader in this field with FPRF being a fundamental component of LimeSDR.

LimeSDR is a disruptive radio access innovation platform allowing wireless providers and operators to rapidly offer new services, and participate successfully in otherwise unprofitable business sectors. LimeSDR allows any device to be enhanced with a software enabled radio, opening up the possibility of embedding IOT gateways, or even an LTE small cell in everyday consumer products. Our radio solutions can be deployed anywhere connecting to any processor creating networks that are modular, low maintenance and scalable.

Software defined, virtualised radio is clearly established as the way forward for the wireless industry offering increased agility, cost savings and the opportunity to scale fast and explore new models of deployment. Lime is working with UK mobile operator EE (part of British Telecom) to run a pilot of LimeSDR to test coverage in remote areas of Scotland.

The LimeSDR was recently successfully crowdfunded on the Crowd Supply platform and generated backing with over 3,000 pledges. For more information on the LimeSDR campaign, visit the campaign page.