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Our commitment to Open Source

Lime has championed the open source movement for Software Defined Radio from its beginnings and our willingness to open source our hardware design and core software shows our commitment to invite disruption into the radio access network.  As part of this effort we launched MyriadRF.org in 2012, a non-profit, open source program to make available a range of low cost RF boards and free design files.  Applications since developed by the community now include weather satellite monitor, 2G and 4G cellular base stations, and HDTV broadcasting to name a few.

We recognise the importance of engineers experimenting with SDR and our recent campaign on Crowd Supply demonstrated developer engagement receiving pledges from 3,000 supporters and easily exceeding our target of $500k. Also, EE with the most innovative 4G deployment backed the LimeSDR crowd-funding project earlier this year by signing up for the pledge-level of $99k for a 100-unit bundle for the LimeSDR kits. These kits will be given to five British universities, nominated by EE. The universities will receive the kits to develop wireless applications on the hardware and share with the wider research community and encourage further open source wireless innovation.

Lime is also participating in broader industry initiatives to encourage infrastructure owners to embrace open source and virtualised networks.  Lime is a member of CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter), an open source project led by the Linux Foundation and ON.Lab to introduce cloud and virtualisation to telco infrastructure.  CORD members include some of the world’s largest operators, including AT&T, SK Telecom, NTT and Telefonica. More recently Lime has also joined Facebook’s Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), which is tasked with reimagining the traditional approach to telecom infrastructure and giving access to the ‘4.5 billion unconnected’.

Lime is a supporter of MyriadRF – a low cost universal radio platform, based on flexible and programmable integrated circuits. Myriad enables developers to implement their products for a wide variety of wireless communication systems by having:

  • A ready-made set of designs and implementations to accelerate the development time
  • Wide community support through the open source forums for the creation of new platforms
  • For more information go to www.myriadrf.org