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2017 – TechWorks Awards

LimeSDR platform wins More Than Moore Award and declared one of the key recent innovations at the TechWorks 2017 awards. 

The judges said:

Judges were impressed by Lime’s “growing presence and creative approach in the communications market” as well as its ability to “disrupt and challenge established vendors and solutions through the development of a highly-flexible and low-cost software-defined radio platform, which is rapidly gaining traction in the industry as evidenced by engagements in the UK from BT and Vodafone.”

2017 – Elektra Awards (run by Electronics Weekly)

LimeSDR / LimeNET named in top 3 IoT innovations of 2017 at Elektra Awards

The judges said:

“[we were] incredibly impressed with this innovative product [that] opens up access to IoT networking for developers. [The Lime SDR platforms are] truly advancing the sector.

2016 – Frost and Sullivan Awards

Lime wins Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award for its work in software defined radio systems.
Lime was evaluated on several factors including the degree of impact the technology would have from an industry and end-product perspective, the scalability of the technology and how visionary the innovation is. 

The judges said:

“Affordable SDR has far-reaching implications for the wireless industry, accelerating the shift in RAN architecture from dedicated marco-cell hardware to small cells running in the cloud (Cloud-RAN). A parallel shift is set to occur in market power – from a select few suppliers of highly sophisticated and propriety base stations to a loose coalition of software developers and open source enthusiasts. Lime Microsystems is encouraging a new breed of ‘telecom enterprises’ to fill this power vacuum.”

2014 – British Engineering Excellence Awards

Lime wins British Engineering Excellence Award, being named small electronics company of the year Small Company of the Year

The judges said:

With much of UK engineering consisting of smaller companies, it was no surprise that this proved a keenly-fought sector. The judges were delighted to note that this key sector was still producing highly innovative and successful companies. 

This year’s Small Company of the Year is Lime Microsystems, which specialises in field programmable RF transceivers for the next generation of wireless broadband systems. The judges were keen to reward the fact that Lime Microsystems has not only pioneered RF technology, but has also promoted open systems in the sector.”

2013 – National Microelectronics Institute Awards

Lime wins NMI Award for its Myriad RF platform and business model

The Judges said:

“We awarded this to Lime for the ‘more than a chip’ approach adopted in delivering the Myriad RF, a non-profit initiative that sought to increase innovation in the wireless sector through improved access to professional grade RF hardware – and free design files – for a fraction of the cost of standard RF development boards.”