First Batches of LimeSDR Mini and LMS8001 Companion Boards Received

We are pleased to report that we have taken delivery of the first batch of LimeSDR Mini boards back from assembly and comprehensive testing. These will now be sent on to Crowd Supply for fulfilment. These also include screening on the RF section of the board. We have also taken delivery of the first batch of LMS8001 Companion boards. These will be put through further testing, since this has not [...]

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Intel NUC, Windows 10, and SDR Console Demo

A question that we are often asked is, “Does the LimeSDR (Mini) support Windows?”. The answer to which is, yes, the LimeSDR platform is supported on Windows, and an application that has proved rather popular for general purpose receive and amateur radio use is the free-to-download/donationware, SDR Console. SDR Console features a bright and intuitive user interface and we’re delighted to be able to report that its developer, Simon Brown, recently [...]

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SDRangel demo

SDRangel is an excellent open source signal analyser and general-purpose transmitter/receiver application, with support for numerous hardware platforms and popular modulation types, not to mention plenty of controls, spectrum visualisation options, and support for plug-ins. In this latest video, I give a quick demo of SDRangel being used with a pre-production LimeSDR-Mini v1.0 board and a small antenna that came with a DVB tuner dongle, using these to receive broadcast [...]

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