Adding RF functionality to Arduino


Myriad RF is an open source, non profit initiative created by Lime to increase access to RF development hardware. The low cost boards, and free, editable design files can be used for virtually any wireless application.

In December 2012, whilst the project was in its alpha development phase, Lime created a system to link it to the well renowned open source hardware project, Arduino.

Arduino is one of the most well used and popular open-source electronics prototyping platforms available. Like Myriad RF it’s based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software and is suitable for both the experienced and hobbyist user.

In addition to prototyping, the designer felt this could be of great use in creating a vast range of M2M or energy monitoring systems or, indeed, for use in weather balloons.

Full details on how to connect the boards, create an Arduino sketch and configuring the transceiver can be found on the Myriad-RF website.

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