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AZIO Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan. R.O.C.

Tel.: +886-2-2627-1939
Product pages: UWCT | LMS6002D | Myriad RF-1

Digi-Key, MN, U.S.A.

Tel 1-800-344-4539
Product pages: Myriad RF-1 | LMS6002D

Eastel, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2 3453-8830

Richardson RFPD, IL, U.S.A.

Tel: +1 (630) 208-2700
Product pages: UWCT | LMS6002D | Myriad RF-1

Vitec Co. Ltd, Japan.

Tel: 03-3458-4616

Or purchase from us:


LMS6002DFN configurable broadband transceiver IC - LMS6002D
The LMS6002D is a fully integrated multi-band, multi-standard single-chip RF transceiver for 3GPP (WCDMA/HSPA and LTE), 3GPP2 (CDMA2000) and WiMAX applications.

110.00 USD per unit

Myriad RF-1
Myriad RF is an open source project to improve access to RF hardware and increase innovation. Lime's non-profit initiative was launched in March 2013 and full information is available on the Myriad website. The Myriad RF-1 was designed by Azio and is available through all the below distributors.

299.00 USD per unit

Universal Wireless Communications Toolkit
The Universal Wireless Communications Toolkit lets you rapidly develop personal broadband devices that can be easily configured to run on any wireless standard, including LTE, CDMA, HSPA and WiMAX, and that operate on any country's licensed spectrum or on the available whitespace.

2800.00 USD per unit

For large orders (over 250 units for the LMS6002DFN, over five units for the Universal Wireless Communications Toolkit) please contact Philippe Roux (+44 (0)1483 685 063) for a personalised price.

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