BT EE Selects LimeSDR To Bring Innovation In 4G Connectivity Across Very Remote Areas Of Scotland

Areas of Scotland are not connected through a fast mobile or broadband network. The Scotland Innovation Programme (SIP) is an open collaborative framework involving UK operator EE, Lime Micro, Nokia and Facebook amongst others. The objective is to enhance the lives of local communities through innovation in communications technology. To address the very real challenges of extending and improving 4G connectivity in very remote and sometimes coastal areas requires a new approach to wireless infrastructure. SIP is leading the way in terms of deploying and exploring new and innovative solutions involving low cost and sustainable community based solutions. EE will deploy the solutions created by this partnership as part of its work with the Telecom Infrastructure Project, with the first project committed to connect an area of the Scottish Highlands and Islands in 2017.

EE with the most innovative and the largest 4G deployment also backed the LimeSDR crowd-funding project earlier this year by signing up for the pledge-level of $99k for a 100-unit bundle for the LimeSDR kits. These kits will be given to five UK universities nominated by EE. The universities will receive the kits to develop wireless applications on the hardware and share with the wider research community and encourage further open source wireless innovation.