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The military rely on flexible wireless communications to manage their security and surveillance, transportation and logistics, healthcare and environmental monitoring. Lime provides the basis for flexible communication solutions required by a mobile military. Specifically, military applications in which Lime is involved include frequency agile cognitive SDR radio and UAV video/comms links.


Interconnectivity and the ability to be read by an internet-connected device will generate exponential growth in low as well as high-bandwidth traffic involving millions, and soon, billions, of nodes.

For the IoT to work these nodes must be able to send and receive data. Varying standards and spectrum use between regions will demand a flexible solution to wireless management. Lime’s highly-integrated FPRF solution will impact on the IoT across homes, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, security and transport.

 home_comms-300x199Wireless Infrastructure

Lime’s FPRF provides a solution to the rapidly evolving demands of next generation wireless technologies. Emerging markets include small cell base stations for consumer and infrastructure applications, machine to

machine communications, software defined and whitespace radio platforms.

Within the Lime development platform FPRF can be configured to operate on any mobile communication standard and frequency bands. This highly integrated FPRF solution supports a variety of network configurations, bandwidths and data rates, thereby facilitating fast, reliable and economical deployment of communication networks, allowing developers to easily create wireless protocols of any complexity.


Other markets

  • Small cells
  • Repeaters
  • Military radio
  • Satellite communication
  • White space
  • CPEs and home gateways
  • M2M
  • SDR and FPGA
  • Open source

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